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As you walk into this next phase of your projects, the company should Establish a few things to ensure you actually get to your goals as an entertainment company.

  1. Ensure you  have established relationship with publishing society.

  2. Begin 1 weekly mandatory meeting that define short 7 day goals we complete weekly; Led By Dre discussing all the plans & goals of the week.

  3. Decide which attorney you guys would like to go with. 

GOALS: Drive competitive advantage and profitable growth in the music industry For TTD(Task Below)

  • Define & Decide which artist will Launch the Label And Brand, Sign Them And Prepare for Heavy Release

  • Create artist website landing page for YOUNG DUB  & FAST KASHHH  

  • Print grass root marking material (ie Posters, Cut Outs, & Stickers with QC CODE Directing traffic to YOUNG DUB's  Instagrams (Examples Below)

  • Professional 2 day PhotoShoot (In Studio / On Location)) for YOUNG DUB  & FAST KASHHH

  • Release 3 Vlogs Videos Per Week Via, Ig, Twitter, facebook & TikTok 

  • Add YOUNG DUB  & FAST KASHHH  ' New singles to all Urban, & HipHop playlist on Key streaming sites such as iTunes, Pandora, Spotify & Sound Cloud.

  • Create Full Roll out introducing ​ YOUNG DUB   

  • Promote Video & Audio video on Youtube Using You-tubes marketing tools to strategically place talent in front of targeted audience.

  • Bring Promo team out every time you got out. They will post all of the promo material you see above

  • Do Regional Urban email blast for for YOUNG DUB's single's

This now prepares you for Radio add, where now Program Directors can now have positive research on the projects; And for Promotional tours where we they can not only have positive research on the projects but Keepsake to leave behind in each radio station, clubs, store etcs ( We should hire Promo team for each tour to be fuly effective) 

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