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Romance / Suspense

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A young delinquent DJ "DJ AK" is sentenced to community service at a center for blind patience where he falls for a young woman with a secret, and their lives change in one night.

Act 1 

Dj AK gets into a fight at a club set, and is sentenced to community service. There he meets a crew of comedic nurses, drs, and staff. He meets a young lady who he tries to get with to no success. Unbeknownst to Ak she steals his access card and keys, and sneaks out the facility, hides in his car. She is a blind girl. 


Act 2

Ak spots the girl getting into a fight, he goes to her rescue they both get kicked out, and decide to go for pizza, they bond and have a great time until Ak realizes the girl is blind and that she was a patient in the center. They argue and she runs off. Ak realizes he was wrong and seeks out in the town to find her. 

Act 3

Ak finds her in the company of some thugs and must fight to get her back home safely. He is successful and they leave together. He now has to sneak her back in to the facility, almost getting caught, and not before getting a kiss goodnight from his blind lover. 


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