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"BATTLING MY SPIRITS", Will Be a creative mesh with the ending scene of "Blow" & a Story of Misunderstanding , betryal & battling self. We Open the Video With Almight J and his 2 of his Patna"s Packing A Van then Transistion into Walking it into and warehouse. We cut into a wide shot of the guys sitting at a table, waitng on play. We see Almight J  walk in from bathroom, Turnt about the play. He Notices They're  Demeanor is Different, Thats when he realize it's a set up. J begins his perfromance.  We then pan to see DEA burst into door in slow motion. cut fade to black, And Show "2 weeks earlier" We then go to the narrative clips. We show clips of him & his patnaz counting money, making plays, etc, we see that friend talking to DEA  to set up J.  We do a master performance on block with the gang. We will also shoot a master solo performance in a magic  mirror as his reflections just watches him. 


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