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We open the "Atlanta Street Angel" Trailer with 4 different girls

 in a warehouse  talking to a guy putting them on a lick. As they get details you see them smoking, We cut to our leading lady looking very interested and ready to get to the job.


we fade to black


We see the leading lady pull up on the corner of the target's trap.  She gets out of the car wearing attractive booty shorts, and acts as if her car has broken down.


The guys see her from the camera and 1of them thirstily goes out to help.

As he charms and kills time, she asks if she could use the restroom.


The guy resists a bit, but hastily but lets her in. as she walks in, all the guys candidly admire her assets. 


He directs her to the bathroom and goes back up front and waits. When she finishes she sneaks and unlocks the backdoor.


she walks out and surprisingly. her car is working. She leaves. The other 3 ladies creep in the back and robs the house, taking 2 large bags.


When they return to the warehouse, we reveal it's a bag of books; on the screen we

show both book covers and availability. 

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