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'Heist at the Gala'



Boosie's music video concept, titled 'Heist at the Gala,' combines the cinematic elements of 'Lupin,' the gentleman thief, and 'Ocean's 8' at the prestigious Met Gala. The video features notable guest appearances pending availability, with Obba Babatundé confirmed as our charismatic auctioneer and Markice Moore, as decoy.

The video opens with a breathtaking twilight cityscape, captured by an overhead drone shot, followed by an exhilarating exterior driving shot of a sleek, unreleased sports car. We then transition to a drone shot of a repurposed ice cream or box truck, setting the stage for our heist crew. Inside the truck, our leading lady, accompanied by her 2 skilled accomplices, rushes to get her makeup and dress ready before they arrive at the jewelry auction.

As the gang discusses their plan and examines the fake necklace they intend to swap, our leading lady sends a confident text message saying, 'We're on our way, baby.' The scene fades to black, and as the music starts, we are treated to a stunning drone shot of an empty street in city, gradually revealing a sleek black foreign sports car in motion.

Finally, the camera pans inside the car, and we see the charismatic Boosie Badazz, impeccably dressed, embodying the spirit of the Met Gala. He is ready to shine at the jewelry auction, where the heist will take place."

gif - 2021-04-14T203233.717.gif

As the scene continues, we capture quick inserts of the gang members arriving at the venue disguised as food service staff, blending in seamlessly. They confidently enter, pushing a cart draped with a cloth to conceal their true intentions.


Our leading lady skillfully grabs a dress bag and a pair of heels, discreetly hiding them beneath the draped food cart. With their roles established, they disperse upon entering the venue, each taking a different path to execute their part of the heist.

1st verse

Next, we cut to Boosie Badazz, who arrives in style, pulling up to the extravagant auction affair. The camera focuses on the array of luxury cars parked outside the venue, showcasing the best of the best. The scene highlights the opulence of the event, with attendees donning impeccably tailored suits, elegant dresses, and gowns that make bold fashion statements.

Inside the event, our leading lady makes a grand entrance, captivating everyone with her fashionable gown. As she glides through the crowd, her eyes lock with Boosie Badazz, and there's a hint of recognition between them. They pass each other with a nonchalant air, pretending to be strangers.


However, just as they walk past each other, we cut to a close-up shot, capturing a clandestine moment as their hands discreetly exchange the replica necklace. This covert exchange adds an element of intrigue, hinting at their secret partnership and the intricacies of the upcoming heist.

2nd verse

The Bidding Begins


As the video progresses, we witness a captivating scene where Boosie, exuding confidence, triumphantly outbids a clearly wealthy old white male during the auction. The defeated man sits beside his perplexed wife, visibly vexed by the turn of events. Boosie's victory adds an element of audacity to the heist.


Following his win, Boosie is escorted to claim his winnings. The auctioneer, played by Obba Babatundé, leads the way, accompanied by a well-dressed facility manager (Idris Elba) posing as the decoy, and two vigilant guards. Together, they create an air of authority and control as they guide Boosie towards the area where the prized possessions are held.

The Auctioneer

gif - 2021-04-14T201358.940.gif
gif - 2021-04-14T203831.271.gif

The Decoy


As the video progresses, we witness the accomplices skillfully infiltrating the control room, swiftly incapacitating the guard, and disabling the cameras. Simultaneously, our leading lady slips away unnoticed, making her way to the bathroom. Inside, she sets off the fire alarm, causing panic and commotion as people begin to evacuate the event.


Amidst the chaos, the auctioneer prepares to unveil the coveted necklace, but the attendees, including the guards, notice the flashing fire alarm lights. Seizing the opportunity, our decoy attempts to overpower Boosie, resulting in a scuffle that causes the necklace to fall. The guards, driven by desperation, rush to recover the necklace and give chase to the decoy.


In a surprising twist, Boosie reveals that he still possesses the necklace, assuring everyone that he is unharmed. However, it is soon revealed that the necklace in his possession is a fake, indicating that the switch has been successfully executed. The real necklace is discreetly returned to the safe.


With the mission accomplished, the group hastily exits the venue. The scene then transitions to a lavish mansion nestled in the hills. A close-up shot emphasizes an offshore account brimming with over $300 million, a testament to their successful heist. Boosie Badazz, the gang, the leading ladies, and Idris, along with his lady friend, revel in celebration, toasting with drinks and savoring cigars.


To further elevate the excitement, the video showcases a masterful performance by Boosie Badazz on a rooftop helicopter pad, displaying his captivating talent and leaving a lasting impression.



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