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Executive Summary & Business Plan


In an ever so changing world of entertainment & technology, life can be stressful, and people need to be entertained. While in the 1st year of the 2020's decade, there are many forms of  new ways to present entertainment on the rise; social media, & video streaming platforms. There are zero African American commercial VOD streaming networks, with pop culture and black films & music that is not saturated with unwanted independent content, and often try and charge too much for they're target audience. And While it seem like The 3 major "music tv networks" ie; BET, MTV, & REVOLT would have an actual streaming platform for new music videos, entertainment & hiphop. They don't. They have cluttered they're channels with either old tv re-runs, reality tv, or in some cases half produced, under researched tv series and films. THE ONLY current popular music streaming network on streaming devices is VEVO. Ironically owned by youtube, the one music conglomerate that has almost monopolized video streaming. We are here to be a new and better option.  Click here Proof Of Concept

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The company primarily operates media properties  focusing on pop culture and music content for African American , Hispanic audiences, and urban communities. Our primary demographics would be an 18-35 target audience, male & female. The Black communities average $60,000 a year house holds alone, Hispanics, $70,000 a year alone. Meaning while there is still a need for entertainment, home finances come 1st. We want to provide a simple & inexpensive general solution for 24/7 Music video streaming.


They are many options in the world for music channels, there is Vevo for instance, they are currently doing the 24/7 tv channel play out like MTV or BET. Strictly live play out, NO VOD. Then we got youtube/vevo online, which creates custom playlist, has on demand video content, not just music, and subscribers and the general public can upload content as well. We will be combining both worlds, Minus subscriber and the general public  upload. Evening the playing fields for new top rising and top artist across the world.

Why Us?

We are Mäksē, Not M-O-X-I-E, like the typical way you would spell it. We spell it like this, M-A-K-S-E, that's the pronunciation spelling in the dictionary, meaning force of character, determination, or nerve. We feel it represents us & we spell this way to express our creativity, it is unique & engaging, and that is how we are coming.

Mäksē TV will have "On Demand" capabilities making it a viable capital generator. This new platform will also give new recording artists a place to showcase new music as well as LIVE concert streaming with VOD options. With unique and exclusive programming in the works, Makse on demand  is positioned for competitive visibility. Mäksē TV's relationships are also key to the financial potential of this network. With over 3 decades of pristine entertainment, the creator's of Mäksē TV are harrowed as the next generation of visionaries. 


Financing Needed

Our goal is to raise $3,500,000 in financing to get our network in business. Which will be used to cover marketing  and programming. We will be our own turnkey provider, that can handle the   build, design, maintenance  & delivery of the channel to streaming platforms. Will will train and pay or staff to operate. That will cost a little over $800,000 for the initial year. It will cost us $1,550,000 for the office space and custom build out; this includes, Direct and  indirect spending in top 3 markets as hubs for the network.  We plan to spend an additional $1,150,000 to ensure we let America know who  Mäkse On Demand is!, we must market and promote, and tour.

Problem & Solution Problem Worth Solving
Mäksē On Demand not only consist of a specialized internet & media website but a combination of devices and apps that distribute our channel to large audiences globally, from mobile phones to tv sets in the living room. There are a limited number of popular free tv streaming platform apps for popular music videos. 1st, not only that if it is, they are typically mediocre channel where the owners wanna simply put only content they produce on their network, driving potential new audience away and making it harder to become a competing advertising force for the networks. With Mäksē On Demand being a new and exciting network & streaming platform for the millennial television viewer. Providing hiphop & r&b vibes for the viewer. Minus the clutter of unwanted ad's and a clutter of millions of diy, amateur and novice content. We have an opportunity to simplify and bring bring our channel, sponsors & advertiser into the homes of our viewers. 

Our Solution
Currently streaming popular music videos 24/7, Mäksē will 1, focus on being an option for non cluttered entertainment experience, including music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, live performances and interviews with artists.. We will also provide a free channel where the viewer, can simply turn the channel on and let it run, without interruption. As we grow,we will add world class original & curated on demand content such as movies, tv series, cartoons, urban news etc. we will do this by establishing partnerships with major record companies, independent artists and other premium content owners. We have already initiated contact and began to receive content from warner music group. We have also begun the licensing process with the 3 major major publishing societies; SESAC, B.M.I., ASCAP.

Target Market
We expect our strongest market segments to focuses on two main groups of customers. New innovative millennials & Gen Z's; College students & young business professionals, with can access to they're money on their phones & online. We also project the Channel will be in 21+ Clubs & lounges. Different boutiques, restaurants & clothing Stores Millennials & Gen Ys, were the first generation to grow up with the internet. Which means we were also the first generation to naturally expect to be able to access to vast swathes of music, film and TV content without needing to pay for it. But, despite a reputation for being comfortable with piracy and disinterested in buying content, our age group actually does spend serious money on media. In fact millennials (18 to 34 year olds) . IN 2021 North America spent over $37 billion on film, television, music, and other content in 2016, and that rate has been growing. Based on a total millennial population of 83 million & growing across North America alone.

For 2021 the entertainment (home and mobile) market, consisting of digital and physical (discs) and theatrical, totaled $36.8 billion in the U.S., a year-over-year increase of 14% and a figure even surpassing the record $36.1 billion in 2019. At $29.5 billion, digital accounted for 80% of all dollars with a year-over-year increase of 19%. Digital has been the fastest growing sector, since 2014 revenue has nearly doubled twice (from $7.6 billion). Theatrical accounted for 12% and physical the remaining 8%.


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Current Alternatives

MTV popularized the music video channel concept in the 1980s, long before YouTube and Vevo became the go-to places to view them. MTV in the 1990s, along with BET & VH1 popularized how people could watch music videos. YouTube has dominated music videos for the past decade as more and more artists and listeners turned online. for content. As far as 24-7 music video streaming service, our current competition is Apple Music Tv, which recently launched October 19th, 2020. Which streams the top 100 most streamed songs in the us. Only accessible to the apple tv audience. Then we have Vevo, long known as a source of music videos on YouTube, Launched its own, standalone music video service Tv cluster called Vevo TV on March, 15th 2013 It has 3 sub channels, Hits, Flow (hip hop and R&B), and Nashville. Vevo is also available for a range of platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Fire OS, Google TV, Apple TV, Boxee, Roku, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Samsung Tv, Xumo and PlayStation 4.


Our Advantages

Our advantage is our simplistic niche, our look and Genre. We are an alternative that focuses on the urban market, that offers a free, no subscription 24-Hour Music Video Livestream, ith an option for vod. Easy access from app. And we will only focus on hip hop & alternative r&b.

Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan Objectives:

• Expand Awareness & Gain more Subscriptions to the network (Make it a house hold name)

• Create a gateway for Indy  and major  filmmakers & producers to deliver their creative content to the network.

• Raise and build revenue to produce original content ie; Tv shows, Feature & short films, cartoons, & music videos.


Plan of action:

• Create a Launch event for creators (we don't want to call it a party, but a gathering of the minds, kind of like TEDx or TED), and a launch event to gain new subscribers, in key city's starting in Atlanta, the Black Mecca & The New Hollywood. We treat the publicity like a rap album or Film.


• The plan is to motivate and inspire the best creators to come out & give them hope that their intellectual property now has an opportunity to be seen on a reputable platform & make revenue. So we would begin publicity In Atlanta with all major media outlets talking about the network & event. (hit 94.5 Street Morning take over w/ Yung Joc, & v103's The Morning Culture,1 major morning news station, & sisters circle., and Radio One's syndicated Evening show on Hot107.9, Posted on the corner, W/ Incognito)


• For the creators event, we give out free 3 month subscriptions. Also every time we have a new creator ad to the platform they automatically get a 3 free month subscriptions. (engaging them to get their fans to join the application as well.


• We do the same for subscribers event. Every 1 who comes to the event, must take a picture on step & repeat, post hashtag & tagg the networks, then get subscription card and enter event.


• For both events, entry & all liquor and food will be free (we can find sponsorships for both.)

We repeat this in key urban market ie: Texas (Dallas & Houston), LA., Miami, New York, Dc, The Carolina's, & Tennessee. This is how we form mastermind alliances with the best of the best for one common goal.

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Sales Plan

Upon opening the "Mäksē On Demand" streaming app, the viewer will see the live tv channel in the background. The viewer will have an option to watch Mäksē.Tv livestream for free, and an option for a monthly subscription. Once clicking the subscription option, the viewer will be directed to a subscription page where we will get their info, including all social media(for further marketing opportunities) The Viewer will have an option to pay via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Apple Pay.


Operations Locations & Facilities

We are currently operating out of a small office with small warehouse. We are planning to expand to make a fluid and super production work environment In Atlanta, Miami, L. A,  NY. Having programming, marketing, Production, and sales under the same roof can help the entire team work more cohesively together.



We are currently using Muvi & Viloud to provide the technical solutions to stream our channel across multiple platforms & deliver our content in it's highest-quality form regardless of our viewers location or method of viewing. We are are using Adobe Creative Cloud to prep and program the music videos, we also use creative cloud to produce commercials, promos & id'd for the network. 

Ownership & Structure

The Mäkse Agency is registered as a S - corporation. Our founder is , Deltoddrick "TODD UNO" Williams. We have a C.F.O. , Ty Griffin, and Jaye Allen acts as our Secretary.


Management team

Mäksē On Demand is a collaboration between three professional colleagues : Todd Uno, Ray and B Jones. Todd basically runs creative & the production of the business, and B Jones handles productions and creativity as well, but also has the network to curate and expand the companies brand.  . Todd grew up and interned for radio-one in and eventually produced top rated rated for for both Urban1 Atlanta, & CBS Radio.




Todd Uno is a rising media Tycoon with production experience ranging from audio production and broadcast to film production. 17+ years experience. Because of his love for the creative process of all forms or media, marketing & Branding, he started Mäksē Media & Branding. Being well versed in the necessary departments to complete specific task giving to the company, Uno curates some of the best in the industry to steer your brand or product in the right direction. Find out more about Todd Uno at


One of the top TV producers of the decade. Brian Jones is a driving force in the world entertainment and television. Mr.Jones is a natural leader and business visionary of the 21st Century. His thoughts and creative ideas fuel some of the most dominant TV programs airing today. If you are watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, or New Atlanta then you can thank Mr. Jones now! His business acumen is amazing and his hunger for the game of business is always on deck. Mr. Jones shares his secrets of success, early struggles, business mentality.

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For almost the last 20 years, Latoya has made a very strong impression on the music industry. Former Director of Marketing and Social Media at Bounce TV & Former Marketing manager at Turner Broadcasting, she has become well verse with the development of different broadcast platforms.

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VP, Programming Entercom

For over the last 2 decades Reggie has set the tone for the face and sound of urban music in atlanta, and across the country, Programming atlanta & Americas most influential radio station v103.

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Radio Personality, VJ and actor

Also known by the nickname "Joe Cleezy", is best known as a former host of BET's Rap City from 1994 to 1999. He currently hosts his own morning drive time show on WPGCFM in Washington, D.C. from 5:50am-10am He is most notably known as the last person to interview hip-hop icon Notorious B.I.G. While finding notoriety on Rap City.


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