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"I Think I Love Her"

Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls (Official HD Video)_2.gif


director: TODD UNO

"I Think I Love Her" by Champ will feature an artistically ratchet aesthetic set in a diner. Drawing inspiration from a mashup of "Sean Kingston's Beautiful Girls" and Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You" music videos, the video will be a visual spectacle with an emphasis on vibrant visuals and choreographed twerking performances. The setting will be a diner in Atlanta, exuding a club-like atmosphere.

We open the video with a shot pushing in behind champ & his date walking into the diner, In this shot, we establish our 3 main twerkers ( whom we see twerking for the gawds, as Champ as his date walk by, entering the diner)

Look 1

The video opens with a shot pushing in behind Champ and his date as they walk into the diner. As they enter, we see the three main twerkers who now are already inside.

Sequence 01_2.gif
Sequence 01_1.gif

Look 2

 Inside the diner, the atmosphere resembles that of a lively club, especially with the vibrant lighting and energetic vibe. Champ will be in the table booth with his date, performing the song, with the same three twerkers from outside dancing provocatively on the Table in the background.

Look 3

Champ continues his performance, and the camera captures the action from a low angle at the corner of the counter. with the Everyone on set  almost like a soul train lin

Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls (Official HD Video).gif

The video transitions to an outdoor location with a black and white mural of Atlanta as the backdrop. Champ delivers an intense performance outside against the mural, adding a dynamic element to the visuals.

Note: The video treatment does not follow a traditional narrative; instead, it focuses on showcasing Champ's music and the lively atmosphere of the diner setting. The production will rely heavily on dynamic shots and energetic performances to captivate the audience.





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