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Hood Interrogation, Will be a Reminiscent  look at a young, pre-teen growing up in the streets


We open the with slow motion shots of the hood.   We reveal a young “G” pulling shoe box out from under bed. He then sits on bed and pulls paper bag out of the shoe box which reveals a gun. He  stands up, puts it in his pants and walks out. We  show hime walking out of old house or housing projects  as he comes out of the house, We reveal Gang51e June on porch  performing the hook as he see’s he sees his childhood self coming out of the house, and hopping in car.  We show Young “G” Riding in a car passenger side the mood would be like “Trey in Boys in the hood. Him and his homeboy is in car excited.. young ”G” id loading the guns, Clearly on the way to Take

Gang51e June will be in  the back seat in the middle performing. In the video we go into a montage of Young 'g" and Friends planning on hitting a "lick', h.  We show the guys about to do the job, putting  "Young" g at afork in the road. He pulls out, He rather be in the studio, he knows this isn't good for him. We show the friends do the move and Both gets killed. But we only reveal they're deaths on the news, as young "G" watches. We cut back Present day G, in studios, bts footage of him doing his music thing. Showing him doing better, Succeeding. 


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