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"Tell Me Why"

lAyton greene

Tell Me Why x Enchanting x Layton GreeneENCHANTED
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Enchantings, "Tell me why" Music will be a 3 part short Drama. Mashing concepts of The Spanish Short, "30 Minutes with Laura", Beauty Shop & Clawz.  It appears to be a  man meeting with a woman in an upscale restaurant where they get to know each other.  As we see them talk, not everything is as it seems.

Act 1 - Verse 1

Part 1 - THE CONVO 

We open the video with what looks like a date between two people;


Enchanting & a well-groomed suited guy in an upscale restaurant. 

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- continued

 At the end of her verse, the camera pulls out and reveals a gun in her hand and cops approaching to arrest her.

  • We cut the music. 

  • we see on screen "24 hours earlier"

  • To Be Continued

Act 2- 

PART 2 - The backstory

We show Enchanting at home getting the message, & a high-speed edited montage of emotions. We push into her eyes and when we pull up we are in the salon, finding her now doing damn hair, Not really there.

  • The Music Starts with the hook & Enchanting performing

  • We then cut to inserts of the shop and activities. We See Layton Greene as on of the stylist in the salon.

  • We see slow motion of Chant & her client talking & pointing at the phone like they are making discoveries via social media & texts.

  • At the end of her verse, we will loop the guitar intro of the beat

  • the camera pulls out they both look at Chant say... "Girlllll thats the same nigga my co-worker talking bout !!!!", The client says "the location right there", pointing at phone.

  • The Hook comes back in  ss

  • We see Chant and Layton Scramble out of the Salon otw to him.

  • at the end of the hook, We cut the music. And cut to black.

  • To Be Continued



The ride & Reveal

During the second verse we see Layton Greene perform her verse driving the car to the restaurant.  During the verse  whe see "The well groomed gentleman at home and get a call that makes him urgently leave his living room.  We cut to him walking through Police tap onto a crime scene, revealing he is actually a detective hostage negotiator .

We then cut back to the car performance.

at the end of the verse 

We show the amazing one shot of the detective with   6 swat members behind him coming in and seeing enchanting with a gun on another mistress, the husband shot at the fine dining table.

Videos goes black. 

It fades  Back to the girls in the car before the hostage situation, and them saying "fuck it. this nigga not even worth it", then driving off.



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