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ToddFre$h, an Atlanta-based adult contemporary rap duo poised for remarkable success.

About ToddFre$h

ToddFre$h, comprising Todd Uno (renowned music video director) and 28 Fre$h (accomplished songwriter), has crafted a unique sound that blends sophistication with rap. Their debut release, "Good Time," not only achieved widespread success but also secured a prominent spot in V103's full rotation for an impressive six months.

Current Status
Despite the initial success of "Good Time," ToddFre$h encountered a hurdle – the lack of adequate funding to fully capitalize on their radio spins. This financial constraint prevented them from maximizing their potential and expanding their reach. Nevertheless, ToddFre$h has garnered increased notoriety and a growing fan base due to their undeniable talent.

The Opportunity
We are seeking a like-minded individual who shares our vision and passion for taking ToddFre$h to new heights. With the right financial backing, we aim to leverage the momentum gained from "Good Time" and expand the brand not only within the music industry but also into the world of fashion with a distinctive clothing line.

Profitable Ventures

Album Releases and Streaming


ToddFre$h plans to release a full-length album, building on the success of "Good Time," and capitalize on streaming platforms.
Concerts and Tours | Live performances and tours are lucrative avenues for revenue generation, leveraging the duo's growing fan base.
Licensing and Sync Deals | Opportunities for licensing songs in movies, TV shows, and commercials to enhance brand visibility and revenue.

2. Fashion Industry - CLICK HERE For our clothing Line
Exclusive Merchandise | Develop and market exclusive merchandise tied to the ToddFre$h brand, tapping into the duo's unique aesthetic and fan base.
Collaborations and Limited Editions | Collaborate with established fashion designers or release limited-edition clothing items to create buzz and exclusivity.
Online Retail Presence | Establish an online retail presence for ToddFre$h clothing, catering to a global audience and diversifying revenue streams.

Why Invest in ToddFre$h?
1. Proven Success | "Good Time" demonstrated ToddFre$h's ability to captivate audiences and maintain momentum.
2. Diversified Revenue Streams | Profits from music sales, concerts, merchandise, and licensing provide a well-rounded investment portfolio.
3. Untapped Potential With proper funding, ToddFre$h has the potential to dominate both the adult contemporary rap scene and the fashion industry.

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