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  • Expand Awareness & Gain more Subscriptions to the network (Make it a house hold name)

  • Create a gateway for Indy filmmakers & producers to deliver their creative content to  the network. 

  • Raise and build revenue to produce original content ie; Tv shows, DDS short films, music videos, movies.

Plan of action:

  • Create a Launch event for creators (we don't want to call it a party, but a gathering of the minds, kind of like TEDx or TED), and a launch event to gain new subscribers, in key city's starting in Atlanta, the Black Mecca & The New Hollywood. We treat the publicity like a rap album or Film.

  • The plan is to motivate and inspire the best creators to come out & give them hope that their intellectual property now has an opportunity to be seen on a reputable platform & make revenue. So we would begin publicity In Atlanta with all major media outlets talking about the network & event. (hit 94.5 Street Morning take over w/ Yung Joc,  & v103's The Morning Culture,1 major morning news station, & sisters circle., and Radio One's syndicated Evening show on Hot107.9, Posted on the corner, W/ Incognito)

  • For the creators event, we give out free 3 month subscriptions. Also every time we have a new creator ad to the platform they automatically get a 3 free month subscriptions. (engaging them to get their fans to join the application as well. 

  • We do the same for subscribers event. Every 1 who comes to the event, must take a picture on step & repeat, post hashtag & tagg the networks, then get subscription card and enter event.  

  • For both events, entry &  all liquor and food will be free (we can find sponsorships for both.)

  • We repeat this in key urban market ie: Texas (Dallas & Houston), LA., Miami, New York, Dc, The Carolina's, & Tennessee.

  • This is how we form mastermind alliances with the best of the best for one common goal. 

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