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G.N.V.R. will be a mash up of Pulp Fiction & your “typical sad story of the black community looks in a video” and the pressure build up from all thing a black man ever had to deal with.

We show this We open GNRV with Delorean pulling up into a diner in an all orginal classic old school, with his sexy counterpart. Delorean and his sexy counterpart See’s a “proud Boy” type of white boy being disrespectful to a young black couple in line, as he see the young back man atempt to take the situation to the next level Delorean's sexy counter parts pulls out a gun (similar to pulp fiction) & walks up and points the gun to the head of the  “proud boy”. 


We hear the music begin

 They escort him to a table and sit down, Delorean pulls out his gun as he performs. The sexy Counterpart is standing on top of table securing the restaurant with gun looking like a sexy Cleopatra as Delorean speaks with the proud boy. As the video proceeds we see, inserts of people going from scared to more concerned about Delorean concerns, we show news clips of injustice, violence in the hood, we see the pain Delorean is expressing… with close ups of the “Proud boy” falling in more of a concerned state instead of hate. Delorean eventually stands up performing to the restaurant. As the song ends, we the the “proud boy” sweating, nervous.. and as Delorean pulls guns out of his face and walks out . He has deep breath of relief.. as he watch them walk out, and every else in restaurant saluting them as they walk out. As they walk out of the restaurant we here , “pray every man catch his wave” playing in background with credits scrolling as Delorean and his sexy counterpart walks out & pulls off…

We will also do a car perfromance as well, as him and his sexy counterpart ride in power. 



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