week of  May 20th

GOAL: Prep & Release Summer single:


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  1.  Create artist website landing page ( example - www.bigbenmoe.com  )

  2. in studio and on location photoshoot

  3. Shoot "All In"  Music video 

  4. Do All In Single Cover Grfx

  5. Print grass root marking material with QC CODE Directing  traffic to Draft Day's  Instagram

  6. Re- release & Re - Edit "Racks" Video

  7. Release "ALL IN" & MUSIC VIDEOS Via Starlight PR. ( With countdown, we need to decide the dates)​  -

  8. Promote Video & Audio video on Youtube

  9. Bump Up playlist On Pandora, Spotify, itunes, & Sound Cloud.

  10. Do an email blast for "All In" Single" to bring awareness to local Dj's​​
  11. Start Elaborate and unique marketing twist using Pellz, the party Promoter

    • 1st we find out what parties he has laid out for the rest of the summer​

    • find out if its weekly or bi weekly

    • Request To be at Every Party (Rotate hosting & performance weeks) needs to be on all original promo material

    • Then request for Pellz to use him & his online promo team to promote Draft day 3 times a week during the summer on all platform they use to promote parties