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w/ Goldie

  • For US, By US w/GOLDIE (tentative show title) is a 30-minute talk show concept promoting the entrepreneurial lifestyle and focuses on community development. Cecily “Goldie” Groves, co-founding partner and Chief Operating Officer of hotelFUBU LLC. She is the first female licensee of the powerhouse brand, FUBU, The Collection. Her nickname “Goldie” was donned in 2007 by New York comedian and close friend, Rasheed Thurmond, who often  commended her shrewd business intellect and ability to “glow” from the inside out through her often generosity and empathy towards the community. As the mecca of Black Hollywood and Black business, For US, By US w/GOLDIE takes place in millennial Atlanta, Georgia.​

  • In essence, For US, By US w/GOLDIE is a creative study of the theories and practices of entrepreneurial lifestyles. As such, the show features various segments. First, For US, By US w/GOLDIE is a running commentary on urban business & community development. By exploring the development experiences of our guests, we are able to highlight a multitude of business benchmarks, innovations and resources for our viewing and/or listening audiences. For US, By US w/GOLDIE also examines the nature of success, namely, how to reach it and more importantly, how to maintain it. We will regularly engage the topics of entrepreneurism and goal-setting as individuals and as a


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