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For the Gram


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Four young woman who twerk on instagram for money get into a murderous situation when an IG prank gets one of their baby daddies killed, and has them being hunted by gangsters.

Act 1 

We introduce the world of the Vybes dance crew, and then their idol, Amanda Monroe, as the girls agree to all go to meet her. When news that Amanda was embarrassed and possibly sexually assaulted breaks the girls vow to avenge her.


Act 2

The girls rob and embarrass Lil skeet and his crew in their hotel room, and video tape it all. Awaken the anger of local drug dealer and killer named Animal who has Khalil killed. And is now after the girls if they don’t return his money.

Act 3

The girls run through the city to avoid being killed by Animal, and eventually come to terms with the fact they have to face him, with the help of a local police officer and friend they set up animal during the exchange, and are finally free from harm.

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