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We are Your A & R Team :

A professional in media, on the air and internet radio, music composition, evaluation, selection, production, recording, Film Production and artist development and proficient in entertainment artists evaluation and providing career advice and strategy to gain Profit & supplement efforts of labels and distributors in the music and entertainment business. For you to become commercially competitive in the music industry.


Our strategic PR and marketing campaign is specifically designed to build and brand both your online and offline presence. This campaign covers the two main building blocks of a PR campaign:

  • Awareness

  • Branding

Phase 1.

  1. Create artist website landing page ( example -  )

  2. New in studio and on location photoshoot for all new Promotions & Marketing Material

  3. Shoot "Move"  Music video 

  4. Do "Move" Single Cover Grfx

  5. do an artist spotlight documentary

  6. Print grass root marking material with QC CODE Directing  traffic to frankeelu's  Instagram

  7. Release "Move" & MUSIC VIDEOS Via online blogs &  PR. ( With countdown, we need to decide the dates)​  -


PR    - ( Things we Suggest for initial campaign for "Move")


Your Premiere  Press Release

  • We work with you to schedule an interview time that works for both you and one of our experienced publicists.

  • You do a 20-30 minutes phone interview with our publicist to gather data and insights about your released single or a project yet to be released.

  • Our journalist and editors craft your press release and we send you a rough draft for review. At this point you can either request changes or give the green light for approval. We work with you until the press release is perfected.

  1. Promote Music Video & Audio video on Youtube

  2. Place Song on  playlist On Pandora, Spotify, itunes, & Sound Cloud.

  3. Do an email blast for "Move" Smove" to bring awareness to local Dj's​​

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