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"FREE SHOW" by TAJ is a high-energy music video that takes you on a journey into the world of GOoD NIGHT. The video features TAJ clubbing with a group of beautiful women and popping champagne bottles.


 Look 1 in the "FREE SHOW" music video, we'll focus on TAJ's performance in the club section with drinks and ladies TAJ will be dressed in a sharp, stylish outfit that showcases his confidence and charisma. He will be in his section, surrounded by a group of sexy, energetic women who are dancing and cheering him on. The club will be packed with partygoers, and the atmosphere will be electric.



In Look 2 of the "FREE SHOW" music video, we will feature a solo performance by TAJ & D.A. with cool lighting and a black background, accompanied by a dancer who will perform a fluid and mesmerizing dance routine.

The camera work will utilize steady cam technique, adding a sense of fluidity and motion to the performance. The camera operator will move around the stage, following TAJ's movements and capturing the dancer's routine from different angles.

As TAJ performs, the camera will focus on him from various angles, showcasing his unique style and movements. The black background and cool lighting will create a striking contrast with TAJ's outfit and highlight his performance. The dancer will be captured in close-up shots, showcasing their fluid and mesmerizing dance routine.

Overall, Look 2 will be a visually stunning and artistically captivating section of the music video that emphasizes TAJ's individuality and creativity, and provides a striking contrast to the club section of the video.

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