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Creating The Right TV Commercial For Your Law Firm.

There is a lot of time, effort and strategy that goes into a new TV campaign for Any product Fortunately, The Mäkse Agency is well-versed in all phases of the process. From initial concepts, throughout the creative execution, to copywriting, storyboarding, and production, and marketing the commercial. We are primarily a movie, commercial & music video production, and we are excited to add this critical service to our list of service to provide. We are willing to shoot at a discount rate (Listed below)

Our Goal for You

  1. Develop and write out treatment for 5 different 30-60 seconds commercial

  2. Schedule 2 day Production to shoot those commercial​s (On Red Or Arri Alexa Movie cameras, and professional cinema crew, incuding lights, sound, grip)

  3. Edit 5 commercials for and have ready for marketing roll out.

  4. Create 3 social media edits for each commercial [ie: Ig Post, Ig Story, Ig Reel)

We can get this done for $5k

Below is an example of our work;


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