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Honey Bxby

"fkn him too"



4. Rewind Effect:

  • Experience time unravel with visual and audio cues, diving into a flashback.

  • Transition seamlessly to "4hrs earlier," exposing the events leading to the intense phone call.

  • Watch scenes play in reverse, revealing arguments, intimate moments, and a climax of truth.

5. Flashback Scene
   - Explore the dynamics of the earlier events that led to the intense conversation.
   - Showcase the interactions and situations that built up tension.

6. Resolution:

   - Conclude the flashback, bringing the audience back to the present.
   - Highlight the humor and camaraderie in the group despite the earlier tension



The music video for "Fkn Him Too" follows Honey Bxby and her friends in a lighthearted outdoor setting. Laughter ensues until Honey receives a call, marked by humorous sound effects. The video takes a twist as it transitions to a scene where Honey, donning a different wig, engages in a heated phone conversation. A rewind effect unravels the events "4hrs earlier," revealing the dynamics that led to the intense call. Despite tension, the video concludes with a resolution, emphasizing the camaraderie and unity within the group. The storyline combines humor, friendship, and a touch of drama, creating an engaging visual narrative for the song.


1. Opening Scene: (paying HOMAGE TO SWV we will do a spinoff of the album cover "its about time" )
   - Honey Bxby and her homegirls are sitting or walking outside, having a good time.
   - Her gay homeboy joins them, and they share laughs and good vibes.

2. Plot Twist:
   - Honey receives a call during their conversation.
   - As she answers, funny sound effects play in the background, indicating a humorous conversation.

3. Transition:
   - Cut to a different scene where Honey, now in a different color wig,
plays the main character.
   - She is engaged in a heated phone conversation, yelling at the other person on the line.


   - for the scene where Honey Play's the lead character. (The girl friend she is arguing with), we will pay homage the movie Friday , in the scene where Joi Screams, "Yeen gotta lie craig"

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7. Closing Scene:
   - End the video with Honey and her friends, reinforcing the theme of friendship and unity.

shot list 

1. Outdoor shots of Honey and her homegirls enjoying each other's company.

2. Shots of the gay homeboy joining the group and sharing laughter.

3. Close-up shots of Honey answering the phone call with funny sound effects.

4. Cut to different color wig scene with Honey passionately acting out the intense conversation.

5. Shots of the rewind effect, visually and aurally indicating the transition to the past.

6. Scenes depicting the events "4hrs earlier" with a focus on building tension.

7. Concluding scenes showcasing the resolution and unity among the group.

8. We will do Performances In and around The Scenes, INCLUDING ON THE BLOCK WITH THE HOME GIRLS, AND ON THE PHONE, AND 1 clean studio  SOLO performance.

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