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"Hood Hitta"

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DIRECTOR: Rick The Director

STYLE: Cinematic Run & Gun

(See mood board below for visual reference)

Overview: The "Hood Hitta" music video will capture the essence of Atlanta's hood during the vibrant summer season. It will pay homage to the original song "Hood Nigga" by Gorilla Zoe while showcasing Lakeyah as a charismatic and confident artist. The video will feature two main performance scenes, along with various inserts of daily life in the neighborhood.

Scene 1:

Neighborhood Vibes The video opens with shots of a lively Atlanta neighborhood during the summer. People are seen chilling on their front yards, enjoying the warm weather. The camera pans across the streets, capturing the energy and liveliness of the community. Donks, customized cars with oversized rims, cruise through the streets, showcasing the local car culture. An ice cream truck drives by, attracting children who eagerly run toward it. Kids can be seen playing games, jumping rope, and enjoying the summer break.

Scene 2:

Lakeyah Arrives in Style Lakeyah and her crew roll up in a classic Dunk, a customized car that turns heads as they drive into the back party. The scene is set in a vibrant backyard filled with people enjoying themselves. The party atmosphere is electric, with music playing, people dancing, and drinks flowing. Lakeyah steps out of the Dunk, exuding confidence, as everyone turns their attention to her.

Scene 3:

Lakeyah ventures through the vibrant neighborhood, searching for a hood nigga who captivates her attention. The camera follows her as she walks the lively streets, observing the daily activities of the residents. The gritty atmosphere reflects the spirit of the hood, and glimpses of potential candidates add anticipation to her quest. Amidst this search, Lakeyah takes center stage on the block, showcasing her talent and undeniable presence as the "Hood Hitta," captivating the crowd and intertwining her journey with her powerful performance.


  1. People in Front Yards: Throughout the video, glimpses of neighbors hanging out in their front yards will be intercut, showcasing the sense of community and unity in the hood.

  2. Donks Riding Through: Shots of the customized cars, known as Donks, cruising through the neighborhood will add to the vibrant street atmosphere.

  3. Ice Cream Truck: The ice cream truck passing by will be highlighted, symbolizing the nostalgic and carefree moments of summer.

  4. Kids Playing: Scenes of kids playing games, jumping rope, and having fun will be included to emphasize the youthful spirit of the neighborhood.

  5. Goons , Hood activity.

Overall, the "Hood Hitta" music video will celebrate the essence of Atlanta's hood during the summer, capturing the daily life, energetic vibes, and cultural elements that make it unique. It will serve as a tribute to the original song while showcasing Lakeyah's commanding presence as she takes on the role of the "Hood Hitta" herself.



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