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Elevate Your Studio with

The Makse Agency |

IM1 Studios  Partnership Proposal


Whats up fellas, I hope this proposal finds you in the best of spirits. I am thrilled to present to you the concept of an epic partnership between The Makse Agency and IM1 Studios. After our recent discussion, I am convinced that this partnership holds enormous potential to take both of our ventures to new heights. While The Makse Agency primarily specializes in the realms of Film and Radio, I see a world of opportunity for expansion and enhancement that aligns perfectly with IM1 Studios' vision.


Innovation Through Infrastructure:

The cornerstone of our partnership would be a revolutionary overhaul of IM1 Studios' infrastructure. I propose the introduction of cutting-edge studio booking software, which will offer an unprecedented level of organization and accessibility to our clients. With this system, clients can book any studio space seamlessly, streamlining the entire process.


Pricing and Services:

To make the booking system user-friendly and competitive, we'll implement a pricing structure that includes all essential services. Here's a glimpse:


1. A-room: $125/hr (Includes engineer)

2. B-room: $65/hr (Includes engineer)

3. C-room: $50/hr (Includes engineer)

4. Podcast room: $100/hr (Excludes podcast filming equipment)

5. TV studio: $35/hr (Quick Picks using TV studio LED lights)


Special Offers:

We'll sweeten the deal with special offers:

- First-time customers enjoy a 20% discount on their first two bookings.

- Engineers receive an automatic 25% discount to ensure their availability.

- In-house producers and artists enjoy a 100% discount while still having to book online (to track usage and spending).


Enhanced Services:

To cater to the multimedia realm, we will offer valuable add-ons:

1. Engineer services: $25/hr

2. In-studio videos: Starting at $500+

3. Music videos: Starting at $1,500 - $5,000


Talent Acquisition:

Our marketing strategy includes hiring a talented pool of engineers and offering them exclusive discounts for booking. Additionally, we will tap into the emerging talent pool by recruiting college interns for the front desk, ensuring round-the-clock coverage in 8-hour shifts.


Revenue Sharing:

As your partner, I propose a fair revenue-sharing model. The Makse Agency will receive 10% of the revenue generated after covering monthly expenses.


Visual Identity:

I also express a keen interest in housing my company within your premises, complete with our logo on your windows and doors, harmonizing both our brands and solidifying our collaboration.



Now, let's take a glimpse into the future. Based on weekly, monthly, and quarterly bookings, here are the projections:


Take a look at some projections based on  weekly bookings , monthly booking and quarterly bookings 


To calculate how much you could potentially make in a week based on the provided hourly booking rates for each room, we need to make some assumptions about the number of hours each room is booked, the distribution of room bookings, and the distribution of additional services. Here's a simplified example:



- A-room is booked for an average of 20 hours per week.

- B-room is booked for an average of 30 hours per week.

- C-room is booked for an average of 40 hours per week.

- Podcast room is booked for an average of 10 hours per week.

- TV studio (Quick Picks) is booked for an average of 60 hours per week.


Additional Assumptions:

- All bookings are eligible for additional services.

- The average revenue from additional services for each booking is $500.


Now, let's calculate the weekly revenue for each room:



- Weekly revenue = $125/hr * 20 hours = $2,500



- Weekly revenue = $65/hr * 30 hours = $1,950



- Weekly revenue = $50/hr * 40 hours = $2,000


Podcast room:

- Weekly revenue = $100/hr * 10 hours = $1,000


TV studio (Quick Picks):

- Weekly revenue = $35/hr * 60 hours = $2,100


Additional Services Revenue:


- Assuming all bookings (100%) use additional services.

- Total additional services revenue = $500 per booking.


Now, calculate the total weekly revenue:


Total Weekly Revenue = (Weekly revenue for A-room + Weekly revenue for B-room + Weekly revenue for C-room + Weekly revenue for Podcast room + Weekly revenue for TV studio) + Total Additional Services Revenue


Total Weekly Revenue = ($2,500 + $1,950 + $2,000 + $1,000 + $2,100) + ($500 per booking * Total number of bookings)



In conclusion, I believe this partnership between The Makse Agency and IM1 Studios holds enormous potential for both of our companies. Together, we can revolutionize the studio experience, offering unparalleled services to our clients, and maximizing profitability.


I look forward to further discussing this proposal with you, and I am open to any additional ideas, suggestions, or modifications. Let's embark on this epic journey together, redefining the studio industry.

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