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"Say dat then" will give you that real grown 90's R&B love. Jeven and Ann Marie will ignite a mood we all love and cherish from 90's videos.From intimate scenes, exaggeration, dancing and some good old fashion rain. 


Opening the video with a small conversation via text. Ann wakes up from a text from Jeven:

"Good Morning beautiful, I have a surprise for you."

Ann smiles "Okay, babe getting ready."

"Ill be there soon"

"You make me feel so special, can't wait to see you"

"Say dat thaen <3" zoom into phone and that text turns into the title of the song.

Jeven is sitting outside "her door" on some steps performing the beginning waiting for her outside. Inserted b-roll shots of Ann getting ready. Shoot Ann performing her full verse in the scene as well. We follow them through the day into different scenes and locations.

Locations: House, street, rooftop and studio

Second Scene

Nothing is better than a walking scene down a block smiling and laughing. This will be a performance shot with them both, capturing b-roll of them walking into shops and a basketball court goofing around. Certain points as they were walking you see groups of people dancing along the side and walking by (bystanders). Think Beyonce and Jay ' '03 Bonnie and Clyde', Chris Brown 'Excuse Me Miss', and Ginuwine Freek'n You'. Jeven dressed in a varsity jacket with denim and Ann wearing a similar denim outfit with hair wrapped with pins (reference Teyana Taylor "Gonna Love Me"

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Jeven Reliford

(solo performance)

Third scene, Full perfomance shot of Jeven in a studio in an all white outfit sitting down with a close up fish eye lense with him performing into the lense. Close-up and wide shots. Inspired by a diddy's diddy forever cover shoot (see moodboard for inspo)



(solo performance)

What is an R&B video without dancing. Fourth scene; For Ann Marie's solo scene we'll have her dressed with low ride jeans matched with a sexy drapping top with dancers dressed in similar colors., dark rooftop with lights.  Jeven is sitting watching them dance. Also a performance of her full verse by herself in a colored room with a single light shined on her (see moodboard, shoot while at studio)

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Final Scenes

For final shots to insert throughout the end of the video of Jeven and Ann performing together.  A car shot (shown next to this) Shoot similar scene with an up to date jeep with a painted/ tie-dye backdrop and flashing lights. Jeven outside and Ann in the passengers seat vibing to the song. Moments to capture up close of Ann and Jeven singing to her. Jeven dressed in a baggie fur coat and chains while Ann in a fur coat in a sexy two piece. Second performance shot will be to an intimate shot of them in a studio set up (Third scene) with solid background and them on a leather chair, Ann sitting in his lap with silk sheets. Jeven no shirt baggie pants and Ann in a short silk night gown. Capture some with a fish eye lense as well. A natural glow scene (browns and gold, soft orange lighting)