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"Brown universIty"

Gorilla Marketing Plan

6 Week Rollout


September 20-26th, 2020 - late turn in date ( 3 weeks out)

The Goal is to release  2 singles and 3 videos before release date. Shoot bts of eveythin we do. ie: Photoshoots, major recording sessions, Music videos, etc.

September 22nd, 2020 we will Do photo shoot.

September 23rd, we will begin rebuilding graphics and marketing material for #Brownuniversity and prep for music videos to be shot within a week from that date.

ie: ig videos of cover with top songs, Commercials, grass-root promo material 


  • Do Major Email Blast ​ with 5 different outlets for singles

  • Secure Expereinced P.r. Person. 

  • Beef up Itunes, Spotify, youtube, soundcloud,  Streams. for the album.

  • Create marketing to drive audience to Kano's Ig Page

  • Atlanta Radio Interviews if the covid 19 permits (we have camera guys with Kano at all times for blogs): w/

    • Greg Street​

    • Incognito

    • Dc & ferrari

    • Joc Morning show

    • We hand pick the online radios shows

  • All Marketing should be worded like or similar to ​the script below: TBD

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