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The music video for Kollision's "Mounted Up" will be a high-energy visual spectacle set at a small raceway or racetrack. The theme will be artsy and bright, emphasizing speed, power, and style.

Location and Scenery:

  • Primary Setting: A small raceway or racetrack, providing a dynamic backdrop for the action-packed scenes.

  • Vehicles: Black and yellow cars, including Hellcats, Cutlasses, and other fast cars, creating a sleek and powerful aesthetic.

Visual Style:

  • Artsy and Bright: The video will feature vibrant colors and dynamic camera movements to capture the high energy and excitement of the raceway environment.

  • High-Energy: Fast-paced editing and kinetic shots will emphasize the speed and power of the cars, matching the intensity of the song.


Time Code: 0:00

  • Shot: Close-up of high heels walking to a car.

Time Code: 0:11

  • Music Starts:

  • Shot: Cut to a super wide anamorphic shot of a track or dually truck drifting across the screen in super slow motion. The camera pans with the car to the left, revealing Kollision performing his verse in front of the truck, which is 30 yards behind him.

  • Performance: Kollision performs in real-time and speed as we slowly push in. This shot will also serve as the master performance. We'll also shoot a medium and high shot.

Time Code: 0:25

  • Shot: Cut to a slow-motion 360 low-mode shot circling around Kollision with some surroundings.

  • Special Effect: A miniature plane (CGI) flies around his head like a halo.

Time Code: 0:30

  • Shot: Push-in shot of Kollision in front of a big dually truck with a model. He's helping the model get into the truck as she has trouble climbing up.

Time Code: 0:35

  • Shot: Reveal a color-coordinated car meet with cars drifting and spinning out (black and yellow).

  • Performance: The second look/performance with yellow and black cars behind Kollision, along with models on the cars.




  1. Visual Elements:

    • High-Energy Drifting: Capture the thrill and excitement of cars drifting and spinning out. The shots should be dynamic, with lots of movement and fast-paced editing.

    • Models and Cars: Models posing on and around the cars, enhancing the glamorous and high-energy feel of the video. The coordination between the cars and the models’ outfits should emphasize the black and yellow theme.

    • Models Walking: Glamorous and confident, models walk around the car meet, adding to the stylish and vibrant atmosphere.

    • Starting Races: Models signal the start of races, adding an element of excitement and anticipation. Their presence emphasizes the high-energy, fast-paced vibe of the video.

  2. Performance Style:

    • Kollision: Energetic and engaging performance, interacting with the surroundings and models. His performance should exude confidence and charisma, matching the high-energy vibe of the video.

    • Camera Work: Dynamic camera movements, including push-ins, 360 shots, and low-angle shots to create a sense of motion and excitement. The use of slow-motion effects to emphasize key moments and add a dramatic touch.

MOODBOARD References

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