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Kranium's Hotel will be a modern twist on Cameron Diaz's  "the other woman " & Bill Bellamy's "How to be a player"

We open up "Hotel" with a breaking new report, "This just in!,  it appears to be a highspead chase here in the La metro area, with  2 high performance luxury sport car's and seem to be chasing each other and the police are chasing them?...we will keep you updated as this story unfold".

Cut to black w/ Dramatic sound fx sweep.


Fade in. 1 week  earlier.


We see beautiful interior of a penthouse hotel.

We show over head shot of model in bed on the phone. 

We see Kranium in shower, getting out.. & his phone make notification. 

We cut to phone alert. (close up of phone with girlfriend in back.)   


she grabs it. & she see's 2 notification.


  • 1 from Lauren "hey baby im sure u fell asleep last night , good morning hmu".

  • 2nd from Shae, "OMG u was sooo good the other night, lets get together again this weekend.


Girlfriend, takes pics of numbers and texts, marks messages unread & puts phone back and gets out of bed.


When Kranium gets out of shower , he see his girl is unbothered, in the bed, she kisses him and send him on way for the day.

We see Kranium Walk out of hotel being the player that he is, hoping in to car a leaving otw to the next girl.

We then cut bck to the model, in tears and vexed; dialing those numbers she got from his phone.

After discovering her boyfriend is cheating, the model soon meets the other girl he's been betraying. And when yet another love affair is discovered, all three women team up to plot revenge on Kranium. 

The girl friends plan to meet with Kranium at they're favorite. He see's her he smiles' then the other 2 girls appear next to her.  He truns and hops into the cars & they chase him out, hull pulls fast af out from the restaurant parking lot, and the  and the girls follow, the police see's the reckless driving &  flicks the lights. this is how it began! 


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