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Let’s Kill Ms. McGill

Horror/ Suspense 
(Matilda/Somebody tell Mom the baby sitters Dead )

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4 high schoolers conspire to kill their Racist teacher but things go terribly horrifying when she flips the script on them beginning a weekend of torture and fright.

Act 1 

The crew is humiliated in front of the entire class, and Sean is put on in school suspension. His crew breaks him out. But only to get caught and then they all are placed on suspension. This ruins Nicoles chances of going to prep school. She comes up with the idea to use chemicals from the biology lab to poison ms Mcgill in her home.


Act 2

They plan the attack on Ms Mcgill one of them sneaks into her place but is caught forcing the others to come to his rescue, this begins the mayhem of them all being trapped and tortured by MsMcgill.  Ms. Chain a benevolent student favorite teacher notices the four kids missing from school as well as Ms. McGill and decides to check on the kids separately when she finds out from Winter’s mom that her phone tracker has her placed at Ms.Mcgilll’s house. 

Act 3

Ms. Chain realizes the kids are being held in ms. Mcgills house and fights ms.mcgill to free the kids. She is injured but survives and ms. McGill is killed.


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