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Lit Vodka For Makse
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Our Goal is to expand your online and offline presence. We can become your digital & physical street-team. This campaign can covers the two main building blocks of a PR campaign:

  • General Awareness

  • Urban Branding

Phase 1.

  • 1st i feel we need to immediately to produce a professional a product digital commercial &  photoshoot for Lit Vodka Something that will compete with other brands.

    • In studio​ 

    • on location ( in club, lounge, urban)​


  • Print grassroot social media driving promo material for the product. (i.e, mini table size cut  outs, full size life size cut outs, towels, bikinis, fashionable European cut t-shirts, towels, Life Size Ig Screen Cut out for parties , & events etc, and what )

  • Solicit  Popular Urban Ambassadors for the brand Such as  Party Host, Radio Personality & dj's, & Instafamous Entertainers. The Top 10 For Atlanta, The Carolina's, Memphis, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Miami, Nashville, Charleston, Tampa, Mobile & Chattanooga

  • Create new #getlitvodka (they're city) campaign for Youtube, facebook & instagram. (i.e. #getlikvodka404 #getlitvodka305 etc) this also gives 

  • We go into Phase 2 after we hire & Distribute Promo material to Ambassadors. 

we should Openly Discuss Innovative  stragties to increase sales​ in clubs & stores. Also Open discuss for full Sponsorships for future summer events such as, concerts on the beach, music Videos & Social Events. 


Product Photo Example​

Product Commercial Example​

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