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Inspired by the Hughes Brother's "Dead Presidents", Kevo Muney's "Risk it all"  

will be a cinematic short film of love, hurt, pressure, bravery & Moxy.  

Act 1 - The arrival home

The setting "Urban Town Circa 1973", 

We Open The Video with Holly, getting out of a taxi, walking onto the sidewalk in his neighborhood in post-army gear, with his rifle, and long army duffle, headed home to see The gang,  returning from the war. As he is walking he see's some old friends on the street.  As he is talking to them,  They Drive off. They go to the pool Hall.  As Holly is working everybody there on the pool table,  we see his O.g. (T.I.) . He pulls him to the side, saying they need to talk, they have a plan for a money move.

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"Live In The SKy"



Act 2 - The Plan

We cut the music - Holly Meet's with his og from the hood (T.I.) & 2 friends from the war, and 1 soul sister, who Understands weapons and is with the black panther. 



Act 3 - The heist (LAst Verse)

We See T.I. driving the long 4door wide body old school, he pulls up slowly to stop sign.  We see 1 army friend already on the block as look out. The soul sister is  Hiding in trash can. We see Holly hunding under The Loading dock with 2nd army friend. The brinks truck is on time and pulls in. WE see guard come from the dock door armed. The truck parks & the passenger gets out and heads to the back door. They come up from under but the driver notices them. he hops put and pulls out his gun. he fires but misses, thats when soul sister rrise from trash can and start blasting. and the gun fight begins. They get to to money and begin to run to car.  THE OG speeds off. They escape.