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A new and exciting network /streaming platform for the millennial television viewer with an insatiable appetite for ground breaking shows. Currently streaming popular music videos 24/7, Mäksē will add on demand content such as movies, tv series, cartoons, urban news etc. ​

Mäksē On Demand is a new network created by veteran radio producer/film director Todd Uno, and veteran tv producer Brian Jones. After creating some of the most innovative visuals and television shows for other networks, Mäskē On Demand is now accepting & creating content for its own network. We have curated music videos, short films, features and exclusive interviews that have already set the tone that the network will be a force to be reckoned with.




Mäksē TV will have "local"Subsidararies making it a viable capital generator., in each market. This new platform will also give all businesses & new recording artists a place to showcase new music as well as LIVE concert streaming with VOD options. 


With 24/hr stream we can traget local adds focused on each cities market. We would also ensure to promote the channel heavy in public places to air, such as all barbershops, salons, bars, gyms, stores etc.



18 -35 Age Range

Male & female

Urban New And entertainment



Cross Over

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Below our Mäksē Live Channel
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