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Branding creates a perception of your goods and services in the marketplace.

Marketing therefore is an extension of your brand. It is one of many brand touch points.

For Instance, marketing is like posting out an instagram flyer to a exclusive event you are throwing. The flyer is important. It has to look good and it has to attract  the viewer to come. If people show up to your event your flyer is presumed a success.

Branding in contrast, is the experience people have when they arrive. If your company is a song, (just play along for a second) is it a wild, crazy party with? Or a more distinguished wine down event?

The flyer must match the experience.

  • How you brand your business is no longer a matter of implementing clever, creative, and timely ad placements. Successfully managing your brand in the inbound age is about more than connecting all the phases of the marketing funnel and creating content that attracts and converts leads. 

  • You need to be more active, more vigilant, and more knowledgeable than ever to realize and prove maximum return on the investment of establishing a knockout brand. That's why we come together to put together ideas that will show you how to create effective, recognizable brands for the digital age.

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