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The "Gucci Sweater" music video features Martyna in Atlanta. It starts with Martyna and her friends in a custom jeep in Buckhead, Atlanta, showcasing the sunny day and fashion-forward atmosphere. Martyna performs in the car as the first verse begins. In the second verse and hook, she and her dancers wear Gucci sweaters and perform a dance routine. The video intercuts these scenes with glimpses of Martyna's breakup with her boyfriend and her slumber party with friends at home, creating a narrative that conveys empowerment and self-confidence.


As the first verse starts, transition to the Atlanta Fashion Central in Buckhead.

   - Showcase fashion boutiques, stores, and vibrant street fashion scenes.

   - Martyna and her friends could briefly explore some stylish shops.

Gucci Sweater Main (2019)TIALAE
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"Gucci Sweater"


THE jeep

1. Establish the Setting:

   - Open with a stunning aerial shot of a sunny day in Atlanta.

   - Showcase iconic Atlanta landmarks to set the scene (e.g., skyline, street signs).

   - Transition to Martyna and her girls riding in a custom jeep through the upscale Buckhead neighborhood.


2. Performance Scene:

   - Cut to Martyna in the jeep, performing her song confidently.

   - Use dynamic camera angles and creative shots to capture her charisma and style.

   - Highlight the Gucci Sweater as a central fashion element, zooming in on details.

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Storytelling Elements:


- Intercut scenes of Martyna's ex-boyfriend, perhaps lingering in the background or making fleeting appearances.

   - Use visual storytelling to convey her feelings of detachment and moving on.

Friends' Slumber Party:

   - Transition to Martyna and her friends having a slumber party at home.

   - Show them chatting about relationships, sipping drinks, and having fun.

   - Create a warm and relatable atmosphere that contrasts with the earlier scenes.


Chorus (Hook):

Dance Routine:

   - As the second verse and hook come in, introduce a dance routine with Martyna and her dancers wearing Gucci sweaters.

   - Choreograph energetic and visually striking dance moves that sync with the song's rhythm.


Emotional Storytelling:

   - Continue intercutting dance scenes with moments of Martyna and her ex-boyfriend's interactions.

   - Convey the emotional turmoil and empowerment through her expressions and dance moves.

Reflective Moments:

   - Incorporate reflective shots of Martyna as she processes her feelings.

   - These moments can be poignant and introspective, emphasizing her growth and independence.



Climactic Ending:

   - Build up to a climactic ending with Martyna fully embracing her independence and self-confidence.

   - Showcase her triumphant attitude and the newfound strength to move forward.


Fade to Black:

    - End the video with a fade to black, leaving viewers with a powerful and memorable impression.


Throughout the video, we will pay attention to visual aesthetics, color grading, and continuity to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing narrative. Collaborate closely with Martyna and her team to ensure her personality and style shine through in every frame.


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