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"Ray Mills For Geaorgi"




In this 30-60 second TV commercial, we will depict Ray Mills delivering a compelling speech to a diverse crowd gathered in a warehouse setting. The warehouse will be transformed into a vibrant rally atmosphere, with colorful banners, flags, and a large wall-sized LED screen displaying Ray's campaign messages and imagery.

Shot List:

  1. Opening shot: Establishing shot of the warehouse transformed into a rally venue, with the crowd buzzing with anticipation.

  2. Medium shot of Ray Mills entering the stage amidst cheers and applause.

  3. Close-up shots of people's reactions in the crowd, showing enthusiasm and engagement.

  4. Tight shots of Ray Mills delivering his speech, capturing his passion and sincerity.

  5. Medium shots of the crowd, emphasizing diversity and unity among supporters.

  6. Close-ups of people holding up signs and banners with campaign slogans.

  7. Dynamic shots of the LED screen, displaying impactful visuals and messages supporting Ray Mills for Georgia.

  8. Final shot: Wide shot capturing the entirety of the crowd, standing behind Ray Mills, united in their support for his candidacy.

Key Elements to Include:

  • Vibrant rally atmosphere in a warehouse setting.

  • Close-ups of people's reactions to Ray's speech, showcasing their enthusiasm and support.

  • Utilization of tight and medium shots to create the illusion of a large rally.

  • Incorporation of a wall-sized LED screen to display campaign messages and imagery.

  • Emphasis on diversity and unity among supporters.

  • Ray Mills delivering a passionate and compelling speech, highlighting his vision for Georgia

Overall, the commercial will convey a sense of unity, hope, and empowerment, positioning Ray Mills as a strong and inspiring leader for the state of Georgia.

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