Mya Speller Cullins


"I’m Not Your Ordinary"


With our full episodic season package, we can produce a reality tv show, broadcast ready. We will  Produce (6) 30 minutes episodes for "The Mya Cullins Show"  It will Require us to have 24 Production days, Totaling 4 days of production per episodes. 3 shooting day, 1 testimonial day per episode. We will also edit & Complete each episode with promo included. We will also pre-produce all the intro's, outro's, show logo, lower thirds & Sweepers.

We will need at least 2 weeks prep for pre production, storyboarding & Scheduling.

Each production day will include:

  • 3 Camera wireless setup w/ camera operators

  •  video village (for monitoring & director) 

  • 5 wireless mics lavalieres and 1 boom mic . & audio  Technician .

  • walkie talkie communication system

  • Basic Grip truck & light Package w/ 4 man crew 

  • 2 production assistants

  • director

  • producer

  • production manager


Payment Schedule will go as follow:


1st Installment we will close final deposit 10% of total cost of production, Totaling $5,000

( We will begin planning, Staffing & prepare for Preproduction) 


2nd installment will $15,000 (Pre Production - 3 weeks out from production, send deposits out)


3rd installment: $20,00 - Principle Photography Production(Final Payment to ensure all things are paid up and rolled out  2 days Before production)


The remaining Balance will be $10,000

Final Payment will be broken down by completion of each episode.