Nikki Natural "Vibe" will be a sexy chill girls night out ...

The video will open in black & white with Nikki & friends Exiting "the spot" to get into an old school, the car with be the only thing in color..  We will then cut into a close up of the tag which will read "vibe". We shoot car scene  of Nikki & Friends as they cruise down the streets on their way to a hookah lounge, we see the ladies exit the vehicle as Nikki encounters a male friend in line outside the hookah lounge who Hugs and Tries to kiss her as she express' that she is "not tryna be booed up" .We then see different shots of people vibing throughout the hookah lounge , as Nikki Enters she see's Kappas college strolling, WE see the video go to color, various dance group and different groups of people chilling and smoking hookah and bud. We shoot smooth performance of Nikki in Lounge. We see a cat & mouse gane as the guys slick try and get with her, by the time she leaves, and pulls off we see the guy chasing the car.

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