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Film highlights the

experience of black entrepreneurship. Freedom. & Unity. 


Scene One. “Laundromat Scene” No music. 

Tone : Humble. Quiet. Ambient noise. Symbolism. 


Camera slowly pans over laundromat, catching footage of people washing clothes and fans blowing. Black older woman is reading. News plays in the background. Point is folding clothes. News anchors voice becomes the focal point of the scene, highlighting crime in the community. Point shuts off tv. Black woman smiles going back to her book. Ready to leave, Point packs up her bag with the clothes. Before leaving, Point pulls out a dirty American flag and places it inside washer. Black woman notices. Point leaves. Transitions to the next scene with washer spinning. 


Purpose : to show humble beginnings. 

Scene 2. Verse 1. “Travel” 

Tone : Bright. Sunny. Adventurous. Freedom. Relief. Anticipation. 


Point greets three friends with hugs, kisses and laughs. 2 girls, 1 guy (the G.O.A.T.) Jumps into red Jeep with no windows. Laughing, joking, dancing throughout the scene as they travel on an open road. 


Purpose of the scene : to show the bond between all of us. 

Scene 3. Hook. “Motel” 

Tone : Family. Closeness. Cooperation. Relaxation. 


Group of friends stop at a motel. Unload bags. The G.O.A.T. pulls out bands to pay for room. Motel room shots of all three women counting a lot of money together. The G.O.A.T. is reading and studying. Can possibly add a pool scene (?) 


Purpose : to show that we are planning and building something. 

Scene 4. Verse 2 “Hitchhike” 

Tone : Creative. Spontaneous. 


Jeep breaks down on the road. G.O.A.T. leaves  vehicle to find help. Flags down a tour bus/trailer. Tour bus is loaded with band members headed in the same direction. The four partners are allowed on the bus. Scene is filled with laughter and singing. Ladies introduce a shitload of fruit to the band. 


Purpose: to show community, creativity and cooperation. 

Scene 5. “The Bonfire” Hook / Bridge 

Tone : Party. Freedom. Turn up. 


We all make it to the destination. Shots of the party. More dancing. Laughing. Singing. Shots of the bonfire being lit. The four partners set up a table to sell their merchandise which ends up being the book the lady in the laundromat was reading at the beginning of the film. It is a book written by the G.O.A.T. Himself. 


Purpose : to show the reason why we are traveling... to sell our merchandise. 

SCene 6 : B Roll : Performance shots 


The only time Point is singing the record is in nature. These shots consist of Point in a beautiful dress, dancing and moving to the song. 

Scene 7 : “The Laundromat Returns” 

Tone : Humble. Grass roots. Symbolism. 


Slow pan into the laundromat again. Sounds of laundromat. Washers going. Coins. Television. The end finally stops at the old woman reading the book and the American flag hanging up next to her. 


Purpose : Cleansed American flag. Cleansed consciousnessHey . 

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