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Calling into his hometown heritage radio station, Foxie 105 WFXE-FM frequently to represent his high school during the morning show strategically set him up for the opportunity of a lifetime. A radio personality at the time introduced “Incognito” to Michael Soul, Program Director, where he established his start in his unforeseen career at the age of 16. Eventually he also started working at a music retail store which became hand in hand to his career path in the music industry. Finally he gained his niche, Incognito realized he was anointed to do radio. Taking a break from radio to relocate to Charlotte, North Carolina, he pursued his education in Business Administration. He became stagnant, dropped out of school and moved back to Georgia where he eventually got back on the air this time with the new urban station, WBFA 98.3 FM in 2006.

In March of 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic was confirmed to have reached the state of Ohio. While in the midst of the pandemic there were massive layoffs across the state and many things had become uncertain. Much to Incognito’s surprise, in the same month the pandemic was confirmed he received a phone call from Radio One VP of Programming Colby Tyner, Regional General Manager Eddie Harrell, and Operations Manager Yonni to inform him that Raleigh NC - K97.5 (WQOK), Richmond VA - iPOWER 92.1 (WCDX), Columbus, OH - Power 107.5/106.3 (WCKX), Charlotte NC - 92.7 (WQNC), and Atlanta, Ga - Hot 107.9 (WHTA) would be picking up his show Posted On The Corner, weeknights from 7p until midnight. In addition to receiving the news about the expansion, Incognito was also informed that after COVID-19 clears, he will be relocating to his home state of Georgia to work out of the former Rickey Smiley Studio via Radio One Atlanta to syndicate to the additional markets.

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Top 7 Countdown  - iNCOGNITO counts down the most requested songs of the day for listeners to win a prize.  From Tickets to  access for exclusive events. Listeners are welcomed to assist in counting the seven requested songs by calling in (844.426.7682) & participating as a "GUEST DJ"


Trending On The Time (With Dj Misses) - Our listeners scroll up and down the timeline daily, from breaking news to the tea Dj Misses brings biggest headlines of the day and even the shadiest gossip to the airwaves twice a night at 7:45p & 9:45p


8'oCLOCK Mixtape (Featuring: Affiliate Dj) - Dj takes over the airwaves with a mix of the hottest artist.  From Lil Baby, Summer Walker, Da Baby, Rihanna to Future, it's a can't miss event when our Dj's are in the mix.


SCHOOL CHECK IN - Education is Key, From current students to Alumni, Principal to school security, listeners are encouraged to call in, tweet, or tag on us on instagram to represent their school.


The Drip Tape -  The self proclaimed "NEW MUSIC SERVER" Dj Steph Floss is back in the DJ both supplying your radio with new music.  Hear new music from all of your favorite artist including some hometown favorites.


POTC Trivia -  Monday through Thursday listeners are invited to call our hotline and test there knowledge. With questions as, How many stars are on the American flag? Guessing popular artist government names or three ways to hide a fart.

Listeners are asked to call in and spell common misspelled words.  It gets tricky but nonetheless hilarious and a feature that keeps the phone lines busy

Posted On The Corner Sports Minute - There's wins, losses, and champions.  Inside the POTC Sports minute there is never an offseason with the trending topics, sneaker releases, and player trades. 

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