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We begin Riche’s "Simple", by paying homage to AliciaKeys "you dat know my name" in an contemporary modern Coffeehouse with Raiche as a cashier/pastry chef who is smitten by a young man who enter's the shop who she and the other waitress's ha never seen before.  A he orders and Tke hi eat as he waits, we cut back into a clue up of her face as we push into her eyes nota romantic wimsicle world or “what-if’s”, which include a choreographed dance routine and a playfully flirtatious walk through the Botanical Gardens, between the. As she snaps back into reality, the other barista call's name, for his order. A we grab his coffee,she look him into his eye, he look back, and we cut to black. The end. We leave the our viewers on a cliffhanger…, Does she speak or does she let the opportunity pass, once again.

Coffee Shop
Barista Making Coffee


For Raiche’s “Homemade”, we highlight that Raiche is going to be Raiche and she’s completely comfortable in her own space in the process of her come up. We Take a concept from Showtimes's ("Kidding", Shaina's inside stuff). As the song begins we see Raiche on couch in a less then great "apartment/loft". as the camera circles the apartment we see a guy leaving out with his bags arguing as she sit there in here      t-shirt performing song. Every time the camra spins we ee and upgrade to the apartment, and her self. The entire video will be a 1 shot until he bridge. We reveal the ultimate come up, we reveal Raiche in a large, in long mansion driveway  in a yellow dress with an extremely long train that covers the payment.Walking and performing. We then place a “resting-bitch-faced” Raiche in various parts of a beautiful home (i.e. lemon bath, poolside, beautiful and spacious foyer, spacious living room) where she shows no signs of being impressed by ANY of the expensive, materialistic things.

Image by James Bold
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Raiche’s “Pick A Side” is an homage to “Waiting to Exhale” as we see a tired-of-being-tired side of Raiche.  After uncovering the infidelity in her relationship, Raiche sets her boyfriends belongings on fire.


Scene 1:

Vanity Mirror (Performance Scene)



DEEP WALK IN CLOSET-Raiche performs as she rips all of her boyfriends clothes off hangers.



Fed up with the lies and games, Rache throws all of her boyfriends belongings in the car and sets it ablaze with a smile on her face!  



Raiche’s “Funeral” video will be a colorful misnomer of sorts because it will, in fact, be a celebration! A New Orleans typed second line funeral with an Alvin Ailey wade in the water type feel with the umbrellas & Canes. Raiche will begin the visual with choreographed male dancers as she breaks off to leads a New Orleans-style funeral down there road; followed by female dancers wearing bright color funeral attires, with fans & big hats.  As Raiche leads the march we reveal a bight colored  coffin begins to fill with pictures, instruments and more. we will push into each picture as a remnant of the past bullshit thats dead to her i.e., Guys, problem withal  getting into music etc. 

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