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Welcome to Loveland, a whimsical state of Mind of Raiche. Inspired by Sam Levinson's Euphoria, Loveland will be a gorgeously stylized aesthetic, to tap into her love experience. Please take a look at the video moodboard  below.

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We Open this film with  "Fool"  filming Raiche at home getting ready for her night. 


We start with a wide push in shot of  raiche sitting at a vanity looking in the mirror getting ready and performing the song. Around her we will see clouds of flashbacks of past situations in her relationship. 


She Receives a text from "Big daddy" saying, ``I'm outside. 

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We continue the film with Act 2 "Big Daddy" 

We cut to an exterior shot of them riding in the car

From there we immediately dive into the fair, we see the 2 on a ferris wheel, Montages of couple love at the fair, games, and Cinematic and colorful performances by Raiche.


There is a conflict between Raiche and Leading guy when another young lady confronts him at the fair. Raiche breaks away from him after this we cut to black.

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Fading from black we see a world of clouds in a dreamy space , pushing through the clouds we reveal Raiche.  She will be performing song in the dream sequence.

Towards the end of the song, We reveal Raiche actually in a
spinning  bed day dreaming, rotating from her in the bed with him,  
to b-roll shots of them together (Good and bad)
until it ends with her in the bed alone. 

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Coming away from the narrative, Half & HALF Will  will incorporate a mobile customizable 6 x 4 Mobile cyc wall. Colorful & vividly  styled,  Raiche would perform in various creative places In The metro Atlanta area

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For Feelings, we will capture a colorful, cinematic experience of Raiche performing the song on stage in a intimate bar or lounge. making feel like a live mood, but "music video" style visual .

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