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Inspired by LiL Dickey's "PILLOW TALK",  &  Tee Grizzley's  "ROBBERY"  Series 

The setting "South Ga, circa 2000

Our Goal is to make a hip-hop/R&B musical revolving around Pastor Troy, Rhonda, and KD. In six tracks, it takes you through Pastor Troy's intriguing plan involving ten birds, Rhonda's dilemma, the unfolding of the heist with intense beats, and the aftermath's emotional consequences. The resolution ties up the story while leaving room for potential sequels. The musical combines hip-hop sounds, reflective interludes, and collaborative features to create a dynamic storytelling experience.

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The Plan

In crafting the musical score for a cinematic production, our methodology entails the development of six individual 5-minute compositions, each meticulously recorded to seamlessly integrate with the narrative. Presented below is a preliminary outline delineating the structure of a 30-minute musical, organized into six distinct 5-minute tracks.

Track 1 - Introduction and Setup (0:00-5:00):

   - Introduce the main characters: Pastor Troy, Rhonda, and KD.

   - Establish the plot: Pastor Troy learns about an opportunity involving ten birds and enlists Rhonda for help.

   - Set the tone with a hip-hop sound and lay the foundation for the storyline.

Track 2 - Rhonda's Dilemma (5:00-10:00):

   - Rhonda contemplates the risky plan presented by Pastor Troy.

   - Soft piano interlude as Rhonda reflects on her choices.

   - Highlight Rhonda's internal struggle and the stakes involved.


Track 3 -  The Plan Unfolds (10:00-15:00):

   - Rhonda decides to join the mission after Pastor Troy pumps her up with 10 G's.

   - Cinematic transition with building tension.

   - Features from other characters or artists reflecting on the upcoming heist.


Track 4 -  The Heist (15:00-20:00):

   - Pastor Troy and Rhonda execute the plan, bursting into the location.

   - Action-packed scenes with a hip-hop sound and intense beats.

   - Guitar interlude during the confrontation with the rivals.


Track 5 -  Consequences (20:00-25:00):

   - Rhonda and Pastor Troy face the aftermath of the heist.

   - Reflect on the consequences of their actions.

   - Collaborative features to express the emotional impact.


Track 6 -  Resolution and Conclusion (25:00-30:00):

   - Resolve the story, showing the impact on the characters.

   - Soft piano and guitar interludes for a reflective atmosphere.

   - Pastor Troy and Rhonda decide their next steps, leaving room for potential sequels or further developments.

The end.

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Closing thoughts

We collaborate with artists for features that complement the mood of each track. This structure allows for a dynamic storytelling experience with a mix of action, emotion, and reflection.


After wrapping up this phase, we'll seamlessly transition into the exciting preparation stage. This involves meticulously dissecting each song for production excellence. Following that, we'll skillfully cast additional extras and initiate the scheduling process..

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