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Look 1 - Urban Vibes:

The video opens in an urban setting, filled with graffiti-covered walls and dynamic street art. Rich Nanni is seen in a stylish yet casual ensemble that complements the surroundings. The color palette is bold and eclectic, representing the diversity and energy of the city. The emphasis is on the overall aesthetic, with minimal attention to specific Marc Jacobs clothing items.

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Look 2 - Artistic Expression:

Transitioning to a more abstract and artistic scene, Rich Nanni dons a second look that merges seamlessly with the vibrant background. The focus is on creating visually stunning moments, using dynamic lighting, projections, and innovative camera angles. The colors in this segment are carefully curated to evoke a sense of creativity and self-expression. The clothing serves as a canvas for the visuals, blending seamlessly with the overall artistry.

Look 3 - Dance Collaboration

To add a dynamic element, a third look features Rich Nanni collaborating with a group of talented dancers. The choreography is expressive and complements the rhythm of the music. The dancers wear eclectic outfits that mirror the urban and artistic themes of the video. The camera captures both individual and group performances, creating visually captivating sequences. Marc Jacobs clothing subtly enhances the performers' style without overshadowing the choreography.


Throughout the video, the visual style is characterized by bold and contrasting colors, fluid camera movements, and experimental editing techniques. The emphasis is on creating a visual spectacle that aligns with the music's energy and Rich Nanni's persona.

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