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Rick Ross"Rappers Estate", music video will be a cinematic creative mesh between "Lupin" The gentleman thief  & "Ocean 8", at the Met gala.  Including Guest Appearances from Obba Babatundé  (confirmed) as our auctioneer &  Idris Elba  (depending on availability) as the decoy.

We open the video in a twilight miami background; with a over head drone shot and exterior driving shot of  Unreleased late model sports car. We cut to a drone shot of an older repurposed ice cream or box truck. we cut into an interior shot & reveal 3 heisters (2 women, our leading lady Leading Lady her accomplic, and beeny the buthcer driving on the way to jewelry auction for heist; Our leading lady is scrambling to make sure she has her makeup togetehr and dress packed before they arrive. We see a small dialogue between the Gang, talking about and looking at the fake necklace they are about to swap, we see her send a text saying"we otw baby", then fade to black. As the music starts we see a drone shot of an empty LA street revealing a black late model foreign sports car riding.  after slowly showing inserts of the car driving we reveal Rick Ross performing t. He is Dressed sharp as f*ck., ready for the Met gala style Jewelry auction.  

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We show inserts of the gang arriving, looking like the foodery staff, walking in with a draped food cart.  


 We see our leading lady  grabbing a dress bag, and heel and hiding it under the draped food cart.  they walk in and she goes 1 way, the other two accomplices goes another. 

1st verse

We cut to Rick Ross pulling up and also walking into the lavish auction affair, we see the best of the best in cars, tailored suits, dresses and gowns that make statements

 We also reveal our leading lady in fashionable gown , walking in to the event . she spots Rick Ross, and he notices her, they walk past each other  as if they don't know each other but we cut into a close up of a hand exchange. (the replica necklace.) 

2nd verse

The Bidding Begins


 We see Rick Ross boastingly win the auction bid over a cleary wealthy old white male, who is vexed & confused sitting next to his wife. as the video proceeds he is escorted to claim his winnings, he is escorted by the auctioneer, a well dressed Facility manager {Idris} ( the decoy) and 2 guard. 

The Auctioneer

gif - 2021-04-14T201358.940.gif
gif - 2021-04-14T203831.271.gif

The Decoy


As we proceed we see the other Benny and the other  female accomplice go into control room and knock the guard out and kill the cameras. We then see our leading lady disappear in the bathroom. she sets fire alarm to create a distraction at the event, people begin to rush out. as the auctioneer pulls necklace out they all notice the fire alarm. That when our decoy attempts to over power Rick Ross and makes the necklace fall, as they scuffle the guards try to rush and recover the necklace and chase decoy but Rick Ross shows he still have the necklace & he is ok, but it's the fake and the switch has been made. They put it back in the safe and they all rush out, we cut to a lavish La mansion in the hills. we show a close up of an offshore account, with over $300 million in it. We see Rick Ross & Benny The Butcher With the ladies & Idris & His lady friend celebrating with drinks & cigars. We also get master performance with both guys roof top on helicopter pad.