Lil Scrappy's GA/FLA will be a mashup between Memphis bleeks "round here" &  J Cole's "Middle child".  We open with Areials of atlanta & tampa, we will use this for titles as well. out 1st look will be Scrappy & Tom G in what appears to be all black room , we see him start to rap. We see quick flashes of they're background with 100 goons in all black (half wearing ga t-shirts, other half wearing fla t-shirts w/  black masks, then it goes back to all black. We will use this shot as a master performance with Both artists. We do another performance with Scrappy Solo Revealing he is in atlanta. His settin will be in the hood. . We then reveal Tampa (superbowl shit) then Tom G. His performance will be  in a drop-top, chopping it up with scrappy in car (crane shot) We also do another master performance with the homies  on block outside in tampa in parking lot to solidify the feature. We add Inserts of high fashion looking models, blowing smoke, counting money, looking sexy. Blocks of cash, Hood Cameos etc.

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