Never Know will be a high fashion & high contrast art piece. A rugged  GQ & VOGUE style combination.  The 1st scene location will be in a both bright & dark studio settings with glossy and/or wet floors and reflective walls or mirrors. White lighting (quasars or diffused kino Flo banks) will be coming from the ceiling to create a high contrast w/ Fill and key lighting. We willl hang dozens of shooting targets from the ceiling with fly-wire to make the targets seem as if they’re floating. We will shoot props such as women, guns and money to be  implemented. We shoot a mega Speaker wall for each solo perfomance & cameos.

Lil Baby x Skooly - Never KnowArtist Name
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Scene 2: Circle of FORiegn  (Outdoors - Nighttime)

Here, we place the artists and the camera in the center of a circle made by Lowriders on 3-wheels and place a small “urban” crowd behind the circle. We use “oil barrels” with flames as “practical” lighting and fill with either 750w’s, 1k or 4K lighting (depending on the space).  There will be a perfomance scene here with both artist.  We also incorporate dancers (ages 13 - 25) to bust their best moves in the circle while the cars spin. We also simulate a helicopter spotlight