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"Dead Pres"



Inspired by the Hughes Brother's "Dead Presidents", SouthSide  "Video concept 3"  

will be a cinematic short film of love, hurt, pressure, bravery & Moxy.  

Act 1 - The arrival home

The setting "Urban Town Circa 1973", 

We open the video with SouthSide stepping out of a taxi, striding confidently onto the sidewalk in his post-army gear. With his rifle slung over his shoulder and a long army duffle bag in hand, he heads home to see his girl and their new baby, eagerly returning from the war. As he walks, he notices some familiar faces – old friends – on the street. Engaging in a warm conversation with them, his girl spots him while driving. Their eyes meet, and they greet each other with a heartfelt hug. SouthSide quickly throws his bag in the trunk, scoops up the baby, and hops into the front seat of the car. Together, they drive off, ready to embrace a future filled with happiness and love.

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The scene continues as we transition to SouthSide and his girl riding together in the car. However, their peaceful journey takes a sudden turn when OG Cutty unexpectedly pulls up alongside them and spots SouthSide. OG Cutty reacts by attempting to offer SouthSide's girl money, but she refuses to accept it, sensing the tension in the air. OG Cutty also inquires about the baby, adding to the already brewing confusion and anger on SouthSide's face.


We then witness the mounting frustration on SouthSide's face as he engages in a tense conversation with OG Cutty through the car window. Their exchange grows heated, with emotions flaring and words exchanged in the heat of the moment. The argument intensifies, highlighting the conflicts and unresolved issues between SouthSide and OG Cutty.

Act 2 - The Plan

We cut the music - SouthSide Meet's with his og from the hood  & 2 friends from the war, and 1 soul sister, who Understands weapons and is with the black panther. 

Act 3 - The heist (LAst Verse)

We witness OG driving a long, wide-bodied, four-door old-school vehicle, slowly coming to a stop at a sign. On the block, we spot one of Boosie's army friends acting as a lookout, while the soul sister skillfully hides within a trash can. SouthSide remains concealed under the loading dock, accompanied by his second army friend.


Just as planned, the Brinks truck arrives on schedule and parks nearby. A guard emerges from the dock door, armed and ready. The truck's passenger steps out and makes their way towards the back door. However, their stealthy approach is noticed by the vigilant driver, who quickly exits the truck and pulls out a gun. Shots are fired, but the initial attempt misses its mark.


In a dramatic turn of events, the soul sister emerges from the trash can and unleashes a barrage of gunfire, igniting a fierce gunfight. Chaos ensues as bullets fly and tension rises. Amidst the chaos, they manage to seize the money and hastily make their way to the waiting car. With OG  behind the wheel, they accelerate away, successfully evading capture and escaping with their hard-earned reward.


After the intense escape, the scene abruptly cuts to black.


We then transition to the guys back at the meetup spot, gathered together and counting the hard-earned money. Tension still lingers in the air as they carefully tally up the cash, their faces a mix of relief and anticipation. Each bill is meticulously examined and sorted, ensuring an accurate calculation of their successful heist.


As the stacks of money grow, a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction washes over the group. They exchange glances, acknowledging the risks they took and the rewards they now possess. However, a lingering unease remains, knowing that their actions may have consequences and that their lives have forever changed.


In this quiet moment of reflection, the weight of their choices and the future ahead weigh heavily on their minds. They understand the delicate balance between triumph and uncertainty, knowing that their lives will never be the same again.

The end.

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