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The music video for "Trim" by Lil Donald featuring Rocko will exude an upscale lounge atmosphere, seamlessly blending elements of sophistication, flirtation, and style. The setting transitions from an intimate, dimly lit bar and pool lounge to an outdoor scene showcasing vintage and luxury cars. Both Lil Donald and Rocko will be surrounded by attractive women, highlighting their charismatic and suave personas. The video will intercut between solo and duo performances, engaging with the narrative of attraction and dominance in the lounge and on the streets.


Look1 - Lil Donald

Opening Scene

Visuals: Dim, moody lighting with neon accents. The camera follows Donald from behind, capturing the envious looks of other women.

Wardrobe: Lil Donald wears a sharp, designer suit with a casual twist—perhaps an open-collar shirt, gold accessories, and stylish shoes.

Action: Lil Donald enters a stylish lounge accompanied by a stunning woman. The lounge features a bar, a pool table, and an ambiance of exclusivity. As he walks through, other women present cast envious glances his way.

Setting: Lounge Interior


Bar Scene

Action: He approaches the bar, orders a drink from a sexy bartender, and begins his performance. As he sings, more women take notice and are visibly intrigued by his presence.

Visuals: Close-up shots of Lil Donald interacting with the bartender, sipping his drink, and performing. The women’s admiring glances and subtle movements towards him are highlighted.

Wardrobe: Continues in the same attire, showcasing his confidence and charm.


Look2 2 - Rocko

Opening Scene

Setting: Pool Table Area

Action: Rocko is seen at the pool table, surrounded by a few girls as he breaks the game. Lil Donald joins him, and they engage in a friendly, competitive game of pool while performing their verses.

Visuals: Dynamic shots of pool cues, balls scattering, and their interactions. The camera captures the playful yet intense atmosphere of the game.

Wardrobe: Rocko is dressed in a more casual yet stylish outfit—think designer streetwear, with a hoodie, a cap, and high-end sneakers, contrasting but complementing Donald’s look.


Dual Performance at Pool Table

Action: Both artists perform their verses, interacting with the girls around them and each other. The chemistry and camaraderie between them are highlighted.

Visuals: Split shots showing both artists performing individually and together. Close-ups of facial expressions and the energy of their performance.

Wardrobe: Both maintain their distinct styles, showcasing individuality and unity.


Look2 3 - LIL DONALD / Rocko

Outdoor Car Scene

Setting: Exterior Venue with Cars

Action: The scene shifts to outside the venue, where both Lil Donald and Rocko perform in front of old-school and newer fancy cars. This setting amplifies their status and the luxurious lifestyle they represent.

Visuals: Wide shots of the cars, close-ups of the artists performing against the backdrop of these vehicles. The lighting is brighter, perhaps natural light or strategically placed outdoor lighting to highlight the cars and artists.

Wardrobe: Both Lil Donald and Rocko change into fresh outfits. Donald could be in a more relaxed yet still stylish ensemble—perhaps a designer jacket, jeans, and accessories. Rocko might switch to a sleek street style—think high-fashion urban wear, adding variety and flair to their final look.


The video for "Still" will be a visual feast, blending style, performance, and narrative seamlessly. Lil Donald and Rocko will captivate viewers with their charisma, surrounded by luxury and allure, perfectly complementing the track's vibe. The transitions between the lounge and outdoor scenes will keep the audience engaged, making for a memorable and visually stunning music video.

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