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"I'm 4real" will be a Gaudy,fast paced music video, with a gothic feel. Located in a pew-less desolate tradition church.  With fast paced insert of Highlighted parts of the song.

  1. We open overhead shot of a modern ,ghetto, d ancing choir  n all black  (or all white w/ hoodies )  & faceless skin-mask. We will use this set up for master performance for Symba ss well with choir.

  2. We do solo  spotLight Performance

  3. We do Solo Stainless glass performance (Low mode, wide angle lense)

  4. End the video with Ulltra slow motion of Symba Walking into a popular "Atlanta Day Party", end with cool ass lit vibes of the party.  

mo3 clear.png
Sequence 01.gif
Stained Glass Window

Shoot key inserts in the same length to add to master performances to make video move fast and dynamic.


  • "Hit a lick  for new A.P." (Jeweler  handing him watch, and some on masking jewler from behind and pull him out of frame and symba looks at watch and camera.​​

  • "40 in the safe still paying late fee's" (Symba sitting on a safe with money  throwing bill's behind him)

  • "just fill the crib wit a 8 piece" (over head shot of symba laying on bed, pulling out revealing he is laying  with 8 women

  • "walking round the crib tripping over rick owens" ( model, walking sexy, in house, im slow mo, miss a step and falling to the floor, because of a pair of rick owens laying on floor, in her path) 

  • "i can see a milly through these buffs nigga" ( we do close up of glasses and push through them, and we see him at food table with family)

  • "niggas want war but they ain't got enough troops" ( show shot of actor wit 3 home boys and some sticks, then turn and show Symba with his faceless gang in all white and  all black) 

  • "Shake sum bae, i aint play, Im 4real" (Push in shot of a chick, twerking her entire ass off on Symba)




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