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"Teanna Trump"

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The "Teanna Trump" music video is a wild journey through a chaotic house party, drawing inspiration from the energy of the movie "Hangover." Foreverr takes center stage, navigating through the non-linear narrative that unveils the events leading up to a provocative opening scene. The video captures the essence of a vibrant kickback, filled with dynamic performances, alluring visuals, and an enticing climax that ties the narrative together.

Opening Sequence:

- Slow-motion shots of a disheveled house, resembling scenes from the movie "Hangover."

- Quick cuts to Foreverr in bed with four white girls, setting the tone for the wild night.


Temporal Time Loop:

- Flash on screen: "10 hrs earlier" as the drums hit.

- Transition to a vibrant kickback, drawing parallels to the movie's chaotic energy. Woman and Zoe make a grand entrance, greeted by Foreverr.


Party Vibes Montage:

- Shots of the dynamic party atmosphere with dancing, drinking, smoking, and sexy women.

- Intercut with glimpses of Foreverr enjoying the party, creating a magnetic presence.

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First Performance Plate:

- Foreverr takes center stage on a couch, delivering a high-energy performance to the camera.

- Cut to shots of the crowd reacting and dancing.


Magnetic Presence:

- Showcase Foreverr catching the attention of various women at the party.

- Quick cuts of him giving shots, dancing, and having a great time.


Second Performance Plate:

- Introduce Gorilla Zoe into the party, interacting with the main girl.

- Foreverr continues to charm and enjoy the festivities.



- By the last verse, Foreverr is seen with the same four girls from the opening scene.

- He walks them in, turns, looks out the door, and closes it, reminiscent of a scene from "Hangover."

- Cut to black.

Ending Sequence

- Display "Foreverr" on the screen as the final beat resonates.

- End with a lingering shot, leaving the audience captivated by the night's events.

- We also do a master performance with the guys in this Party space.



- Utilize dynamic camera movements to capture the energy and chaos of the party.

- Play with lighting to enhance the vibrant and lively atmosphere.

- Choreograph performances to synchronize with the beats and lyrics of "Teanna Trump."

- Experiment with visual effects to emphasize the temporal time loop.


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