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Classico Mystic

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"Tis' the Season"



director: TODD UNO

Introducing "Tis the Season," a visually stunning music video that celebrates the beauty of summer dresses and the women who wear them. Set against a vibrant and cinematic backdrop, this video promises to be a feast for the eyes and a celebration of feminine allure. Get ready to be captivated by the playful and seductive energy of summer as we bring you a music video like no other.

We open the video with a vibrant city scene, as beautiful women in sexy summer dresses strut down the sidewalk in slow motion. The camera captures their every move as they radiate confidence and allure, setting the tone for the vivid and cinematic celebration of femininity and fashion to come."

RL & Willie Millionaire

LOOK 1 - We got to a stunning shot of a bright and sunny day. We see Classico driving down an open road with a drone flying above it, capturing breathtaking aerial footage. As the camera focuses on the driver, we see a beautiful woman sitting next to him

gif - 2021-03-24T003429.192.gif

LOOK 2 - we'll showcase RL's performance outside of the car, accompanied by a model. We'll use a steadicam to achieve smooth and cinematic movements that capture the essence of the music and the energy of the moment. This look will add a new layer of visual interest to the video, highlighting RL's presence and performance skills in a dynamic and engaging way.

gif - 2021-03-24T003252.233.gif

 We transition to a lively summer party scene, where Willie Millianre is the life of the party. He's surrounded by a group of stylish and attractive friends, all dressed in their best summer outfits. The atmosphere is fun and energetic, with music playing in the background and people chatting and laughing.Willie stands out in his fashionable summer attire, exuding confidence and charm as he moves through the crowd. We see shots of him interacting with his friends, sipping cocktails, and enjoying the summer vibes. As the camera pans around the scene, we get a glimpse of the vibrant colors, textures, and patterns of the party decor, as well as the beautiful summer landscape in the background.
Overall, the scene captures the essence of a summer kickback - a fun and relaxed gathering of friends, enjoying the sun, the music, and each other's company.


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