Popped will be a high fashion, high contrast sexy art piece. A rugged GQ & VOGUE style combination.

We will be a Take on the 1970's Film Casino. We cut from black to scene inside club where the club owner of Poppie’s “Trouble” tell his asst to Stop disrespecting the club. He refuses to, and gets kicked out. We cut video to push in shot into a line of people at "something like" a Ghetto Pharmacy Called "Poppie's or "Pop Off". As cross over into the door into the club... It goes UP! Poppers world. 


Troubles 1st performance will be in office of club suited and booted, Money & bags on table.Handling business, Counting Cash)

Troubles 2nd performance will be in Casino Owners suite


We'll Show Triuble walking Quavo to the high rollers roller room where we will do Quavo's Performance

We shoe fast cut inserts of pill transactions, closes up people popping. 

Popped (Prod x C4) - DulaMix NEW 2Artist Name
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