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“Summer Vibin' “





Tycho''s “Summer Vibin' “ video will be a take from the movie "spring breakers" Where 3 girls head to L.A. Beach for spring break to meet Tycho to party , in a world with 3d social media elements; in a augmented reality .


We open the video, with crane shot of a gang of college spring breakers gathered chilling, drinking, dancing at "party bus" stop. we see  the 3 girls get dropped off at  the meet up spot by an uber. The girls are draped with the finest of designer swimwear. The leading lady get's a call. We reveal Tycho out side leaning on car, She picks up, "hey babe we're otw!", he replies, "Cool, meet me at the beach", he hangs up... Thats when the music begin...

  • We cut to slow motions shots of the party bus ride.

  • We  cut to performance shot of Tycho in front of car

  • We  show b-rolls of the college kids and girl getting of the bus, waling onto beach. TURNT!!!!!

  • The girls enter the beach party, where they meet Rozei and friends.

  • We show bomb ass b-rolls of beach party vibes. Girls taking selfies & getting suntans,.Jet Ski's, Girls on scooter Beach balls, Dj, Tycho Driving Car w/ Girls. 

  • We also will incorporate motion tracked 3d instagram likes, hearts, screens, and Hash taggs. 


  1. Car ext (Solo) daytime

  2. Driving Car (solo) Day time

  3. Beach Party Performance Daytime / twilight. 


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